Smart Light

Smart Lighting

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are the future of lighting. The combination of luminaires with sensors will open a new era merging smart cities and Internet of the things.

Lighting Audits

The first step to a successful lighting upgrade is the lighting survey or audit, where the lighting manager gathers  information about the existing system.

Photonic Sensors

Light-based sensors are one of the most precise and versatile technologies available for many applications in industry and numerous hi-tech fields.

We know what light is...

Illumnia is an spin-off company from the Optics Lab of the University of Vigo in Ourense (Spain). This group is a known team of experts in the field of photonics (the science of light).

The cumulated knowledge after years of research on the properties and  applications of light has been transferred to this company and put now to your service.

In our own words...

”Creating a successful company like illumnia has been the perfect way to transfer the knowledge about light acquired after many years of academic research“.

Humberto Michinel

Former President, EOS

”In Illumnia there is a nice combination of deep insight into light and its properties and the quest of practical solutions for technological challenging problems“.

Eduardo Balvís

Innebo, Inc. CEO & founder

”Working with LEDs you realize they have an amazing potential to save energy and to improve people's quality of life through its multiple  technological applications“.

Ricardo Bendaña

Professor, Universidade de Vigo

Let us know what you need...

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